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Recommended Penis Enlargement Technique

Making a recommendation as to which penis enlargement technique you should use isn't an easy one. Are you serious about it? Are you ready to TAKE ACTION and dedicate yourself to enlarging your penis? Do you have the time? And of course, how much money are you prepared to spend? Keep in mind though that any money you spend right now is going to last a lifetime in terms of the gains you will receive. So while spending $100, $300 or even $600+ over a few months may sound like a lot, over your lifetime it's only pennies a day in terms of all the benefits you will gain from it.

Regardless of your state of mind, the one thing I would strongly recommend you do is sign up to a good penis enlargement exercises program. For one low price you get lifetime access to the site and all the material there. So if you try things out and then stop for awhile, you can always go back and start again. Given my own experiences with penis enlargement, this is the best penis enlargement product for when you're still unsure or unwilling to spend a lot of money. Out of the various sites that are out there, I'd recommend Penis Health and be sure and get the package with the DVDs. Not only do you get access to the exercise instructions and videos, you also get access to a forum where others like you can ask question and get clarifications. By being part of the Penis Health community, you'll be even more motivated to follow through with your penis enlargement goals. The penis enlargement technique outlined by Penis Health is also doctor endorsed and they have a 6 month guarantee for a cost of only $70.

If you are completely dedicated to your goals of a longer and thicker penis, then I would recommend you go with a traction device. This technique uses the same core mechanism as some of the penis exercises but takes it to the next level. Don't cheap out and try and find the least expensive device out there. Many of them are made of material that simply won't stand up to the use you'll put it through for the months required to get the gains you want. Out of all the traction devices out there, I personally like the Fast Size Extender and the Size Genetics system. Out of those 2, I would recommend you go with Size Genetics. Compared to others, Size Genetics is a medical type 1 device, carries the CE mark of safety and is made from medical grade materials. Besides getting the traction device, for a few dollars more you will also get access to the Penis Health site and material and other products. By combining the Size Genetics traction device with some of the penis exercises, you will have a powerful combination that will get you the gains you want quickly and permanently. The Fast Size device costs $250 to $350 while the Size Genetics device costs $350 to $390.

I don't recommend you use any penis pills alone for penis enlargment. What I DO recommend is that you use them alongside the exercises and/or traction device. The right penis pill is going to help stimulate the growth of cells, production and flow of blood into your penis to speed up your gains. Out of all the penis pills on the market, I would recommend you get Male Extra. The reason for this is that it has the most out of all the pills of the ingredients required to stimulate cell growth and blood flow. In addition, you get access to Penis Health, the DVDs and a bunch of other products which is the main reason I recommend them. A full 6 month supply of Male Extra, along with lifetime access to Penis Health and more, will cost roughly $300. By combining the pills with the exercises, you will be sure to get what you're looking for.

So if money wasn't an issue, you were ready to take action and get serious for at least 6 months, what would be the best penis enlargement technique and product? I would recommend you purchase the 6 month supply of Male Extra and immediately get down to performing the exercises inside the Penis Health site that you get access to with your order.