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Penis Enlargement Traction Technique

Using the same basic mechanism as enlarging exercises, the penis enlargement traction technique consists of the use of a penis traction device to control and assist you with stretching your penis. You simply attach the extender to your penis and wear it for an hour or two each day and they can even be worn under your clothes.

So the first question to be asked is do penis traction devices work? Yes, they do and in fact, the basics of this method have been practiced throughout the world for centuries. Most of the reputable sites are endorsed by doctors for the use of their penis enlargement traction device. In addition, there have been several studies that have shown that by using the penis extender device consistently over time, that you will in fact gain a larger and thicker penis.

So how does a penis extender work? The basic technique to enlarging your penis is to cause the cells in the penis to separate and split thus creating even more healthy cells. By having more cells, the penis will become bigger when flaccid and during an erection, your penis will be able to hold more blood and thus create a longer, harder and thicker erect penis. This is similar to what weight trainers do where they stretch and strain their muscles to create tears and cell duplication which then builds larger muscles. The penis enlargement traction device simply attaches to your penis and exerts a constant traction or stretching which will cause this to occur. Penis traction devices are also effective at being used in the treatment of Peyronies disease.

You shouldn't try and get yourself a cheap penis extender or even go so far as to build yourself a homemade penis traction device. The devices available today are made to exert an even and consistent traction on your penis that you'll simply be unable to obtain by trying to make your own.

Other than natural penis exercises, this is the only other method that should be used for enlarging your penis. Just be sure to get yourself a high quality penis enlargement traction device and to then use it religiously.