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Truth About Penis Enlargement

Every guy wants to know the real truth about penis enlargement. Most men are skeptical even though they'd also love to enlarge their penis. So just what is the truth? I'll make it real simple.

Can I permanently enlarge my penis? - Yes.

Can I gain 3" in a couple months like the spam says? - No.

Will penis exercises permanently enlarge my penis? - Yes.

Will penis traction devices permanently enlarge my penis? - Yes.

Will penis pills enlarge my penis? - No.

Will penis surgery enlarge my penis? - Yes, sort of.

Will penis pumps enlarge my penis? - Yes, but not permanently.

So when it comes to that list, what's the real truth about penis enlargement techniques?

Penis Exercises - They work, it's cheap, but it takes months. The only good place left for this is Penis Health.

Penis Traction Devices - They work in the same way as the exercises, a good one isn't cheap and it takes months. A really good one is Size Genetics especially since you also get access to Penis Health and they have clinical trials that show it works. In addition, a study reported in the International Journal of Impotence Research and another done at the University of Turin both show that using this method does result in permanent enlargement.

Penis Pills - Never buy through spam. Good ones make you harder and increase your libido making you feel like you're larger. Good ones will help to increase your blood flow which might make you slightly larger temporarily. A reputable pill includes an exercise program which is where the real growth comes from and the pills help to speed up your results. In my opinion, Male Extra is the best one on the market due to the pure quantity of ingredients in each pill. In addition, you get access to Penis Health for your enlargement exercises. Combining these two will greatly improve your success.

If you want more information about the other techniques, read the various pages on my site as well as my recommended technique.

That's the complete truth about penis enlargement. HOWEVER. There is no "quick fix" way of going about it. It takes months which requires real dedication on your part. That doesn't mean you have to constantly be working on it. You could dedicate yourself for a month or two, take a break, start up again etc. It just means it will take longer but if you keep at it over months and even years you'll definitely gain a larger penis.